Dusting TV, Flat Surfaces

Today we will be talking about the bulk of dusting duties in a room. We will use the living room as an

example because it has the most different types of surfaces. After dusting the high spots, we look

at the

rest of the flat surfaces in the room. Basically anywhere dust could land. We use swiffers and

microfibers. Use swiffers if the dust is minimal, use microfibers with cleaner sprayed directly on the

cloth if it is heavily soiled. Start higher, bo

okshelves, picture frames, etc. Anything you can pick up with

one hand, do so and dust under it. If it looks fragile or heavy, dust around it as close as possible with the

Swiffer, being careful not to knock it over! We dust everything on the TV except t

he screen. If you want

to dust your own TV screen, use a fresh and clean microfiber, slightly dampened with water. Check all

furniture for fingerprints or stains, use pledge to remove. When cleaning glass or mirrors, use the T

method. Spray glass clean

er in a T shape on the glass. Start from the top wiping side to side all the way

down with a clean microfiber. Turn the microfiber over and wipe in a square around the outside edge to

remove all dirt and dust. Flip microfiber inside out to spot clean as