Floors – Vacuuming, hardwood, laminate and linoleum, tile.  



Now we come to the single most important thing to 75% of our clients, floors.  Floors are notorious for being difficult to GET clean, and even harder to KEEP clean.  Most of our clients have this item at the top of their priority list for us when we come.  Whether it be pets, kids, or just general traffic, floors get dirty fast.  Here is how we clean each type of floor we encounter.   



Cleaning carpet is obviously very straightforward.  We use a Hoover T-series vacuum in all of our homes.  This vacuum gives us a great balance of durability and cleaning power.  We start at the far side of a room and work our way toward the door in an even and methodical fashion so that you get those sweet vacuum lines!  We do not offer carpet cleaning services at this time.  


Hardwood, laminate and linoleum. 

Most often these floors are swept and microfiber mopped.  The single most important part of cleaning floors, is great sweeping.  If you don’t sweep well, you may as well not sweep at all!  All of the dirt and hair you miss will be spread out across the floors.  We sweep using short, smooth strokes in order to keep the dust from kicking up or flying across the floor from flicking the broom.  After sucking up all of the piles of dirt, we begin the actual cleaning process. We use a PH neutral cleaning solution very similar to the popular Bona brand.  Wet the bottom of your cleaning pad, and then spray the solution on the ground in front of you, saturating it well.  Use methodical forward and back motions when scrubbing the floor with the mop, and step back and check to make sure you’ve hit all the spots.  Microfiber mopping leaves very evident patches if you don’t clean every square inch.  Make sure you’re using an ample amount of cleaning solution for peak effectiveness.  It shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes to dry. 


For tile flooring, and some hardwood, we use a Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop.  This gives us the most cleaning power for hard stains (mostly found in bathrooms and kitchens where tile is laid.)  We only use distilled water in our steamers, no cleaning solution.  We have found that cleaning solution sometimes makes the floor streaky after it dries.  The hot steam is what does most of the cleaning anyway!  Simply turn the steamer on, make sure it is set to water only, and work in short, methodical movements much like vacuuming.  Try to pull back when hitting a new spot so that you pull any leftover dirt back to you as you go.  When you’re done, you can wipe this small dirt pile up with a microfiber.  If the floor has visible grain flow, steam in that direction for optimal results.  This should take about 15-20 minutes to dry.  Be very careful not to let the steamer sit on anything but carpet or sealed tile.  The temperature of the steamer can cause wood stain to fade, resulting in expensive repairs.