Cobwebs, return air, ceiling fans, light fixtures, baseboards, stair banisters 


When it comes to house cleaning, dusting plays a big role.  We break dusting down into smaller parts, and do them from top to bottom in the home.  It starts with cobwebbing.  We go through the entire room looking for cobwebs and knocking them down.  Common cobweb spots: in all corners of the room, around lighting fixtures, around ceiling fans, around windows.  Just use an extendable duster or a broom to knock them down.   

Next we move on to dusting the high spots in the room.  Check all return air ducts, these are going to be the most dusty spots in the house 90% of the time.  Ceiling fans and light fixtures also attract a lot of dust, especially if you leave your fans running all the time.  Just use an extendable duster to wipe all sides of the fan and light fixtures in the room. It’s important to do this before you dust the rest of the room because a lot of dust is going to fall to the ground and on top of furniture.   

After this, we move onto dusting all of the flat surfaces and cleaning the glass in the room.  We will cover this in the next blog.  For now, let’s talk about baseboards and stair banisters.  Baseboards are typically a hot button item for most of our clients.  They are very easy to clean, but can be time consuming depending on how long it has been since they’ve been touched.  Basically, if the baseboards are fairly clean, but dusty, we use a duster or microfiber to wipe them down.  If they baseboards have dirt, build up, or large amounts of pet hair, we use hot Dawn water and a microfiber.  This process takes a lot longer because we are cleaning every square inch, and it typically requires a good amount of scrubbing as well.  Baseboards around carpet are always going to be more clean than baseboards around any type of hard flooring.   

Stair banisters are easy to clean as well.  We just use a Swiffer or microfiber to go over all surfaces of the banister.  This shouldn’t take long at all because banisters don’t get nearly as dirty as baseboards.  However, fingerprints can show on the tops of the rails, and if the rail is light colored dirt can build up over time.  Use a damp microfiber or a magic eraser if stains are more stubborn.